‘Get Into Medical School’ Seminar Recap

On March 9, 2017, the co-founders of MD Consultants celebrated the hard launch of their free admissions guidebook, ‘Your Guide to Get Into Medical School,’ at the University of Toronto Alumni Speaker Series: Get Into Medical School event, co-hosted by New College,  University College, Woodsworth College, and MD Consultants. The panel discussion featured speakers Dr. […]

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My Pathway to Medicine – An Interview with a Medical Student

Original article available at: www.medxcanada.org/blog/dhruvin-hirpara I went to McMaster University for my undergrad and completed 4 years of the bachelor of health sciences program. Currently, I am a 4th year student at the University of Toronto Medical School. Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in medicine? When I was growing up, my mom […]

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MMI Practice Circuits Available Every Weekend – Book Now!

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is an interview style used by certain university programs as part of their admissions process. This format has become increasingly popular with medical schools, dental schools, and pharmacy programs in both Canada and the United States. At MD Consultants, we will be organizing MMI practice circuits in major cities during […]

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Getting Started Series (Part 5): Extracurriculars, Volunteering, and Research

Why do medical schools care about non-academic experiences like ECs, volunteer work and research? To answer that, just think about what it means to be a doctor. Doctors must study many years and acquire a large volume of information in order to diagnose and treat patients. So it makes sense that doctors should be capable […]

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Getting Started Series: Reflections

After the two most recent “Getting Started” series blogs were published (“Choosing a University” and “Choosing Courses”), this infamous article among the premed community by MACLEAN’s, “Gambling on an MD”, was brought up again by many keen students and their parents. After answering numerous questions that prospective candidates had regarding this article, I have decided […]

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Getting Started Series (Part 4): Choosing Your Courses

Choosing university courses requires a similar line of thought to choosing a university program. Should you take notoriously “easier courses” or more interesting but possibly more challenging ones? Again, this is a personal decision with no right or wrong answer, and again ideally, the courses you like the most would also be the ones you […]

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Getting Started Series (Part 3): Choosing your University Program

When it comes to applying for medical school, the first important decision you make is where you choose to do undergrad. Because where you do undergrad and what program you choose dictates much of your premed experience – what grades you can get, what research opportunities are available, and what ECs or volunteer work are […]

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Getting Started Series (Part 2): The Basics

The previous blog on becoming a doctor showed how extensive the journey can be for a career in medicine. From this section onwards, we will get into the nitty gritty about getting into medical school. However, before we get into details, you must first learn some basic lingo or terminology used in the medical school […]

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“Getting Started” Series (Part 1): Becoming a Doctor

For many of us thinking about becoming a doctor, we focus all of our current energy on getting into medical school. This is because right now, this seems like the hardest and most important part. While that may be true, you need to make an informed decision. Life isn’t a piece of cake once you […]

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Book Launch: Your Guide to Get Into Medial School

Book Launch: Your Guide to Get into Medical School

Are you worried about your chances of getting into medical school? Don’t worry, you are not alone. All of us have felt that way before, and have conquered various academic and life challenges to be where we are now. We truly understand what you are going through. As a result, the founding partners at MD […]

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