About us

Med school consultants who have been there and done that!

Who we are

MD Consultants is a professional network of more than 60 medical students, residents, and attending physicians who practice in various specialties across Canada and the United States. We started out as a company in 2009 to provide high quality consulting services that would enable aspiring healthcare professionals to gain admission into the programs of their choice. Our company is led by 3 physician partners who graduated from the University of Toronto. We have a unique private network of high-quality consultants who can solve diverse and challenging problems. Our current range of services includes admissions consulting, healthcare consulting, professional second opinions, and the delivery of healthcare in a variety of settings.

To provide high-quality and affordable customized consulting services that will solve diverse and challenging problems that cannot otherwise be adequately addressed without insights from a unique network of healthcare professionals.

To become a world-class private network of healthcare professionals who care about helping solve people’s problems.

1. Client first approach

We measure our success by how successful our clients are in reaching their goals.

2. Exceptional value

We improve our clients’ performance significantly and use our network of outstanding people to deliver the best of the company to all clients.

3. Talent development

We attract people from diverse perspectives and work to create an environment in which we can nurture and expand our network of healthcare professionals.

4. Integrity

We observe high ethical standards in all that we do and are committed to providing independent opinions and preserving client confidentiality with the aim of building an enduring relationship based on trust.

Executive team

  • Dr. Jiayi Hu

    Plastic Surgery
    : University of Toronto: McMaster University: HSBc, MD: Reconstructive oncology, Professional network development, Creative solutions: [email protected]
      Jiayi is a two-time graduate of the University of Toronto. Jiayi co-founded Magna est Veritas, a pre-med club with a 90% success rate for medical school admissions. He is currently a Plastic Surgery resident at McMaster University.
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    • Dr. Sameer Masood

      Emergency Medicine
      : University of Toronto: University of Toronto: HBSc, MD: Emergency critical care, Healthcare management, Medical education: [email protected]
        Sameer is a two-time graduate of the University of Toronto. He is currently a Royal College Emergency Medicine Resident at the University of Toronto and has served on the Emergency Medicine Residency Training Committee.
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      • Dr. Manveen Puri

        Family Medicine
        : University of Toronto: University of Toronto: HBSc, MD: Military medicine, Healthcare innovation, Leadership development: [email protected]
          Manveen is a three-time graduate of the University of Toronto. He is currently a Medical Officer (Captain) with the Canadian Armed Forces and is a practicing Family Physician who also does rural Emergency Medicine.
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