The Waiting Game: The Period Between Medical School Applications and Medical School Interviews

So, you’ve just submitted your application… Now what? October 1st has come and gone, and you now find yourself in a new state of being – post-medical school application submission. Thinking and writing about medical school applications has taken up a lot of your time recently and now it’s finally over. You may feel relief, […]

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Making the Transition to Medical School at the University of Toronto

Transitioning into medical school may seem daunting at first glance. What is medical school really like? Will I survive the rigor of a medical curriculum? Will I have time for life outside of medicine? To successfully transition into medical school, one must adapt — in more ways than one. That means forgoing old habits, and […]

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Thinking about Med School? It’s Never Too Early to Start Preparing Your CV and ABS

While you’ll often hear advice about having a high GPA or MCAT, the CV component of your application to medical school should not be understated. It gives the medical school insight into who you are, what you do and what skills you may possess. Some schools disclose what percentage of the decision for invitation to […]

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How to answer ‘conflict resolution’ interview questions?

During interview season, we get plenty of inquiries regarding how to answer tough interview questions. One of the most common questions we get is on the topic of “conflict resolution”. Well, I would like to inform you that this is an extremely common question and you must prepare for it. However, I want to assure […]

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Tips on Approaching a Sample Multi Mini Interview (MMI) Question

Here you will find a quick but efficient summary of a method in which I would approach a sample Multi Mini Interview (MMI) question: Sample MMI Question 1: There is a man that has been responsible for taking care of his wife that has been in a vegetative state for the last year following a […]

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Preparing for Medical School interviews: Just Another Date, Literally!

First of all, congratulations on getting a medical school interview! This, on its own, is a huge accomplishment and you should be extremely proud. Whomever is reading this, your journey will be very different from mine, and very different from others applying. Use that to your advantage! Your personality and road to medicine is something […]

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How to Appropriately Respond to the Ethical Station in Medical School Interviews

As medical school interviews are being sent out, many aspiring medical students are rushing to get in as much practice as they can. I remember that during this time, one of the toughest challenges to prepare for was the ethics station. Students may be faced with this type of question in multiple different ways: one […]

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6 Tips for the Multi Mini Interview

After a rigorous application process, interview invites for medical schools across both Canada and the U.S. are trickling out. While it is a huge accomplishment in and of itself to receive an interview, preparation—and the interview itself—is the final hurdle and, as most of us that have gone through it know, can be the most […]

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Preparing for Interviews: 5 Helpful Tips for Medical School Applicants

You feel your heart quicken and a cold sweat rush through your body as you glance at the heading of the email pop-up on your smart device. “University of ____ MD Program Interview Invitation…..”. A wave of emotions and thoughts race through your mind – do I tell my mom or my dad first? Did […]

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Medical panel asking questions to the MD Consultants team

Interview Questions and Answers

This blog was written by a University of Toronto medical student in first year. This student has been a consultant with MD Consultants for almost a year. Disclaimer: the following responses are my opinion alone and do not represent those of the University of Toronto. All information provided here is not privileged and is publicly […]

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