Our consultants assist high school students with choosing undergraduate programs in Canada and the US, with the goal of securing admission into a healthcare professional program of their choice. We assist in creating profiles which allow them to pursue their interests and appropriately challenge themselves, while still maintaining a competitive edge for future medical school or other healthcare professional program applications.

Professional schools

We connect students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry with students closest to the admissions process. Our consultants include current students and recent graduates from some of the top medical, dental, and pharmacy schools in North America. They can assist you in planning for future applications (including to med school), reviewing completedĀ applications, and preparing for admission requirements such as the MCAT, CASPer, or MMI.

International students

Our international student packages provide assistance to students in their last few years of high school (or select undergraduates in Year 1 and 2). Each student is assigned to 1-2 primary consultants over the entire duration of their undergraduate degree (generally 4-5 years), and at least 2-4 other consultants during key transition periods. Students meet with their consultants for a minimum of 1 hour each month to discuss various aspects of their application. Select international students may also be eligible for our med school admission guarantee.