Technology and Clinical Decision Making

Hi everyone! My name is Marc Levin and I am a medical student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I have been working with MD Consultants for almost a year now and have absolutely loved my experience working with and consulting pre-med students. The pre-med years can be stressful and I aspire to help my clients achieve their medical school dreams.

When I started medical school I knew that I wanted to begin to make a positive impact on both my local community as well as the greater medical community. With that in mind, I also found intrinsic interest in health technology and innovation. I truly believe that the way we can make our healthcare systems more efficient and economically sustainable is through the proper implementation of innovative technology.

After some searching online I came across a health technology start-up company called ZenXMed. ZenXMed was looking for medical students to help with the development of an app. Based out of Vancouver, BC, ZenXMed is a community of physicians, residents and medical students aiming to change the face of clinical decision making. Our first App, OpenXMed, is an evidence-based algorithm clinical decision making app. We launched recently in the App Store and have gained widespread support from physicians and medical trainees from across North America.

You may be wondering, how did a new medical student know anything about clinical decision making? To start off – I didn’t know much, and so my role was to review the style and flow of algorithms. Once myself and many other individuals on the team reviewed algorithms, they would get published on our App for the global medical community to use.

Now, after almost a year of medical school, I have garnered sufficient knowledge to start writing some of my own algorithms. However, I am not writing algorithms alone – I have been paired up with a physician mentor who helps me with my algorithms and provides real, up-to-date clinical advice.

My involvement in OpenXMed has been incredibly rewarding and beneficial for many reasons:

  • I have had the opportunity to build relationships with medical students, residents and physicians from across North America.
  • I am learning about clinical decision making in an interactive way. What better way to learn about clinical decision making then by writing, editing and reviewing algorithms?
  • I have had the opportunity to write and publish my own algorithms on surgical topics that I am interested in.
  • Being a-part of a start-up company is an awesome experience. Health technology is the future and it is never too early to get involved.

We currently have over 200 medical students, residents and physicians contributing to our app and writing algorithms. If you are a medical student, resident or physician interested in learning more about our app, writing and publishing your own algorithms on the app or simply downloading our app – please see the following details:

Learn more: Contact me at [email protected]

Writing and publishing your own algorithms: Contact me at [email protected]

Download the app using my code 181 (Sorry pre-meds, the app is only available for medical trainees and physicians at the moment!):

As a medical student I am excited to be able to participate in initiatives such as OpenXMed. The medical technology and innovation sector is exciting and filled with much promise. As medical trainees and physicians we must contribute to and use such advancements to improve healthcare efficiency, cost-effectiveness and most of all – patient care.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Marc, MS2

E: [email protected]