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Anabel M Scaranelo

Anabel M Scaranelo MD, PhD, MSc, FCBR


Dr. Anabel Scaranelo is a practicing teleradiologist in downtown Toronto and enthusiast of big data analysis. She has held several awards, leadership and committee positions in her career. Anabel is one of the few Canadians to be inducted as a Fellow of the Society of Breast Imaging in the USA for her contributions to the practice. She also enjoys mentoring and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto in the Medical Imaging Department where she trained since 2008 many clinical fellows and residents in the realms of a very subspecialized area (Breast Imaging) that requires empathy and creates strong connection with cancer patients. She is a founder member of the Canadian Society of Breast Imaging and continues to be involved in medical education through peer-review, teaching for small or large audiences and medical writing. She is frequently described by her peers as someone who thinks outside the box and is always very authentic. Dr Scaranelo has been a meditator for more than two decades and she is fully licensed to work independently in the UK, Brazil and Ontario. She has worked in both private sector and academia during her career. Dr Scaranelo is bilingual and speaks both English and Portuguese fluently. She likes networking and is co-founder with Dr Ivone Martins Ferreira of the BDC- Brazilian Doctors in Canada, an online social media platform to connect Brazilian physicians currently living in the country, which is a great helping hand to the newcomers physicians.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consulting for clinical/research operations
  • Medical writing
  • Medico-legal opinions
  • Quality Improvement in healthcare


  • FCBR, Diagnostic Imaging, Escola Paulista de Medicina – EPM
  • MSc in Radiological Science, Federal University of Sao Paulo- UNIFESP
  • PhD in Clinical Radiology, Federal University of Sao Paulo – UNIFESP
  • MD, Londrina State University- UEL
  • BMus (Music History), St. Cecilia’s Conservatory of Music

  • Editor’s Recognition, 2020, Radiology Society of North America, United States.  In recognition of reviews of scientific manuscripts submitted for publication in Radiology. 2020; 297:495-501
  • Innovation to Impact Grants-2019. Canadian Cancer Society- Grant #706346.

  • Project Grant- Spring 2018. Canadian Institutes of Health Research – CIHR #401496.

  • FSBI, 2017, Los Angeles, United States. In recognition of outstanding contributions and service to Breast Imaging by the Society Breast Imaging, American College of Radiology (ACR).

  • UofT Medical Imaging Awards 2015-2016. In recognition of outstanding teacher in the fellowship program of the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto. Toronto, ON. Canada 

  • Innovation Fund-2015. Academic Health Science Centre Alternative Funding Plan (AHSC AFP).

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  • Co-founder, Canadian Society of Breast Imaging.

  • Co-founder, Brazilian Doctors in Canada.

  • Author, Screening and Early Detection & Diagnostic Imaging. Featured at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Clinical Practice Guidelines, Breast Site Group in 2012, Dec 2014, Sep 2015 and May 2017.