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Occupational & Organizational Health


Our strategic consulting services can help you:

  • Evaluate your current organizational health risks
  • Recommend areas to focus change to meet your strategic goals
  • Define metrics and KPIs to guide your strategy for organizational change
  • Create a customized approach that addresses your organization’s growth objectives
  • Implement an action plan to build and sustain a healthy organizational culture, with the aim of both improving employee performance and business outcomes.

We offer 3 strategic reports to enhance overall Health in your organization:

  • Our “Sick Leave & Disability Report” reviews your organization’s sick leave and disability policies and identifies specific areas where changes can be made to foster employee recovery and optimize return to work.
  • Our “Health & Wellness Report” examines your organization’s support for employee health and wellness and provides specific feedback on areas that need improvement.
  • Our “Mental Health Report” identifies risk factors that may limit psychological health in your organization and provides a pathway to building mental health resilience within your workplace.

Clients we have recently assisted include those from the following sectors:

  • Government & Public Services
  • Financial Services
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Transportation & Hospitality Services

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