5 Tips to Acing your Virtual Residency Interview

With the decision to continue with virtual interviews into the 2022 Resident (R-1) Match, and the possibility of this format persisting, knowing how best to approach your virtual residency interview is crucial.  Much of the pre-interview preparation is identical to preparing for an in-person interview; however, there are a few important differences and points to […]

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A Unique Perspective on CaRMS and Residency Interviews

First of all, congratulations on making it this far!  It must have felt like yesterday when prepping for medical school admission interviews right? Well, since you survived that, you can truly survive this. I want to reassure you that it is normal to have that anxious feeling you are feeling right now.  After all, you […]

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CaRMS Tips & Words of Wisdom

By now, you are probably prepping vigilantly for CaRMS interviews, maybe boarding a plane for interviews, and desperately hoping that your flight won’t be cancelled. I can definitely relate to all of this, as travelling in Canada (especially Eastern Canada where I come from) is challenging in the winter at the best of times. You […]

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