Comparison Between 5 Different Social Media Platforms for Physicians

Most social media users would agree that the top 5 social media platforms are: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. If you are a physician who is considering a social media presence, read on about the 5 most popular platforms and how you can utilize them to accelerate your career:

  • Arguably the most popular platform, Instagram, allows you to present your work, skills, and knowledge through photos and visual representations. The visual impact that Instagram has created can allow physicians to educate on their favourite topics through photos, short videos, comments, and hashtags.
  • LinkedIn is a wonderful networking tool to connect with like-minded professionals in the healthcare space. It is also a great place to search for opportunities outside of the clinic. Utilize your unique set of skills and expertise to acquire exciting and stimulating non-clinical positions.
  • Facebook typically attracts an older audience compared to the other four platforms mentioned. Facebook is a wonderful tool filled with an abundance of settings for your convenience. If you have a presentation or event that you want your peers and others to attend or be aware of, Facebook is a great platform for event exposure. If you want to join groups with like-minded individuals or want to learn more about a certain topic, Facebook has an endless list of groups created by people who are passionate about sharing knowledge.
  • The platform with the largest audience and user base is YouTube. If you enjoy content creation through speaking and presenting with visuals then this is the platform for you. Use this space to connect with individuals interested in the healthcare industry by providing general tips and sharing your personal experiences as a physician. This could become a space where a younger audience interested in a career in healthcare will resonate with. Who knows, maybe one day you will become a YouTube sensation!
  • If you love to get creative outside of your day-to-day job as a physician, then download the widely popular application TikTok. The rapidly growing platform can allow you to create medical-related videos in an expressive and creative manner. Make sure that the topics you present are unique and informative as there is already so much information circulating through the application.

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