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Optimizing the logistics chain for a virology laboratory to ensure rapid test turnaround time for travel clinic partners


During the COVID 19 pandemic, multiple research laboratories expanded their services to include private COVID-19 testing. One virology laboratory that historically specialised in conducting tests for research purposes now had the equipment and excess capacity to perform COVID-19 testing for travel purposes. The laboratory approached MDconsultants to assist it with developing business relationships with existing travel clinics in Ontario.


The virology laboratory was having challenges forming partnerships with travel clinics in Ontario as it did not have prior expertise in clinical testing. During the initial phases of the pandemic, there were already fewer requisitions from outpatient clinics to their established partner laboratories due to a transition to virtual care. This made it difficult for a new laboratory to enter the market as many clinics established pledges of solidarity with their longstanding laboratory partners.

Value delivered


  • Reviewed the credentials of the virology laboratory, as well as its provincial license for conducting COVID-19 testing.
  • Examined the medical instruments and reagents the laboratory utilized to ensure they met Health Canada guidelines and that were validated in peer-reviewed research papers.
  • Conducted market research of competitor laboratories to determine pricing and result turnaround time of their COVID-19 testing service.
  • Determined that inefficiencies in sample transport times between travel clinics and existing laboratory partners meant that a gap existed when it came to positioning a laboratory with an ultra rapid turnaround time.
  • Recommended changes to optimize the logistics chain between potential travel clinics and the laboratory.
  • Introduced the laboratory to multiple travel clinics so that their services would be considered.
  • Forged new business partnerships between the virology laboratory and four travel clinics in Ontario.