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Developing clinical use cases to expand the value proposition of an AI focused healthcare start-up



A healthcare start-up company in Toronto focused on clinical applications of artificial intelligence was looking to develop clinical use cases for their patented technology.


The company’s data science team had acquired healthcare data via a local hospital collaboration to develop a novel risk stratification algorithm. However, their in-house team lacked clinical feedback to increase their value proposition.

Value delivered

MDconsultants was approached to assist with expanding their value proposition. We:

  • Assembled a team of physician consultants with experience in the healthcare start up space to provide independent feedback on the company’s business plan from various clinical specialities.
  • Reviewed the existing business plan and provided feedback from clinical leaders to develop use cases that focused on value-based care in the Canadian context. This included helping the company understand the existing payment structure for insured clinical services to allow them to find gaps in care that could be targeted to drive their value proposition. Options to scale their technology to private payers were also explored with a view to long-term sustainability.
  • Assisted the company with finding an equity physician partner with experience in the clinical use of AI to join the company part-time for ongoing consulting.
  • Connected the company with clinical partners at academic centers in Ontario for pilot testing and development of their minimal viable product (MVP).