MD Consultants offers a diverse group of mentors across the country experienced in all stages of the application process. They are professionals and truly wish the best for their students. Their consultants focus on helping students bring their best self forward (on paper and during interviews) to improve their chances at admission. I am extremely grateful for their valuable advice and guidance.

Yilin Zhang

MD (University of British Columbia 2022)

My number one choice was McMaster medical school. My MD Consultants mentor prepared me for the CASPER and my MMI interview. I found the mock MMI to be extremely helpful compared to practicing with my friends.

Kevin Kim

MD (McMaster University 2022)

All the consultants are experts in interview skills and give invaluable advice that will noticeable improve your performance during your interviews.  MD Consultants has definitely helped me get into medicine.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone!

Dr. Nancy Jiang

MD (University of Toronto 2015), Radiology Resident (McMaster University 2020)

Timely and valuable advice from friendly and knowledgeable people.  I went to two mock interviews when I was applying to medical school and I was very please with both experience and the results.

Dr. Greg Ikonnikov

Family Physician, University of Toronto

I was just accepted to U of T med.  I want to thank you guys and know that this certainly would not have been possible without your team.  I had completely ruled out U of T in my mind and was already planning my move to the States.  I don’t even know what to say…I can’t say anything that would express how thankful I am to you guys.  Thanks for making my dream come true.

Manpreet Singh

MD (University of Toronto 2019)

I found this service incredibly helpful when I was applying to medical school last year, and I ended up being accepted to both of the schools I interviewed at.  I absolutely believe that the prep offered by this company played a large role in my success.  I would love to be part of MD Consultants.

Anna Liu

MD (University of Ottawa 2019)

I used MD Consultants to prep for medical and dental school interviews and found it extraordinarily helpful.  In fact, I believe it was one of the biggest contributing factors that allowed me to get to where I am today.  My experience with MD Consultants got me really interested in helping out with medical or dental school interviews and I am looking forward to joining their team.

Glara Gaeun Rhee

MD (University of Ottawa 2019)

I was initially overwhelmed by Canadian medical school interviews.  Through my experience with the professionals at MD Consultants, I gained the confidence and necessary advice to focus my efforts and have a great interview.  I am confident that my interactions with MD Consultants helped propel me into medical school.

Sze Wah Samuel Chan

MD (University of Toronto 2020)

The consultants are all friendly and knowledgeable.  The opportunity to work with different consultants are part of the Admissions Guarantee Package gave me an extra boost in confidence, helping me to perform optimally during my interviews.  I would highly recommend their services for your medical school interview preparation.

Rasika Singh

MD (McMaster University 2019)

MD Consultants was extremely helpful in preparing me for my interviews, with flexible scheduling and diverse practice sessions.  Their consultants are highly knowledgeable about each school’s interview process and the skills necessary to ace them.  With MD Consultants’ help, I was thankfully accepted to both Canadian schools I interviewed at…truly a dream come true!

Kaitlyn Lam

MD (University of Toronto 2020)

I strongly recommend MD Consultants as THE experts in medical school applications and interview preparation.  I felt confident and prepared going into my interview with their help and would recommend them to anyone applying to medical school in Canada or the U.S.

Dr. Andrew Wong

MD (Wayne State University 2017), Psychiatry Resident (Wayne State University 2022)

I highly recommend MD Consultants.  Their professionalism and expertise definitely exceeded my expectations.  I was successfully admitted to a few medical schools and dental schools with their advice and support, which they have continued to provide longitudinally during medical school.

Dr. Christina Olteanu

MD (University of Toronto 2017), Dermatology Resident (University of Alberta 2021)

If you are thinking of applying to medical school in North America, I would definitely recommend MD Consultants for Interview Preparation.

Dr. Kai Yang

MD (University of Toronto 2016), Family Medicine Resident (University of Calgary 2020)

I have always wanted to be a doctor since moving from Taiwan to Canada.  I had not received a single interview after two application cycles prior to seeking help from MD Consultants.  They helped me navigate through the Canadian healthcare system effectively.  I could not have asked for a more friendly, knowledgeable and professional team of experts who continue to support my career development through medical school.

Dr. Henry Chen

Family Physician, Queen’s University

Application season can be a daunting time, but with the help of MD Consultants I am glad to say that I was accepted into my first choice residency program. My face-to-face session with a consultant was extremely helpful in both boosting my confidence and helping me tailor my application to stand out among the rest. Thank you MD Consultants for all your help and support!

Dr. Sarah Sidky

(MD University of Limerick 2018), Family Medicine Resident (Dalhousie University 2022).

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