Vu Kiet Tran | MDconsultants

Dr. Tran has been in clinical practice for over 16 years and is interested in bringing high quality healthcare to patients and to the system.

He believes it is not enough to be great clinicians. We need to be exceptional custodians of the system so that all can benefit from the same high quality of the years.

This can only be achieved through innovation.

Following this vision, Dr. Tran is committed to being an agent of change and innovation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Career coaching
  • Education
  • Financial coaching
  • Medical advisory
  • Public speaking


  • MHSc
  • MBA
  • CHE
  • ICD.D
  • MD

  • President of the Canadian Physicians Pension Plan

  • Creation of a Canada-wide pension plan for physicians

  • I am an International and national public speaker