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Sameer Masood, MD, MPH, FRCPC

: University of Toronto: University of Toronto: HBSc, MD, MPH: Emergency Medicine, Healthcare Consulting, Healthcare Innovation, Healthcare Technology Integration, Quality Improvement, Entrepreneurship: [email protected]: View Profile

Dr. Sameer Masood is a Partner at MDconsultants and co-founded the company in 2009. An academic emergency physician by training, Dr. Sameer Masood’s interests include health technology integration into clinical care and quality improvement in emergency medicine. Sameer is also the CEO of Mednovation Health Technologies, a Canadian Health-technology start up that was founded in 2017.

He has been the recipient of several awards, including three research awards by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, and has several peer reviewed academic publications to his name.

In addition to his undergraduate studies (HBSc), Dr. Masood completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Specialist training in Emergency Medicine (FRCPC) at the University of Toronto. He completed his Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, where he specialized in quality improvement and clinical effectiveness. He is currently a Consultant ER physician at the University Health Network and Humber River Hospital, where he is actively involved in Quality Improvement work and academic teaching.