How do Healthcare Marketing Companies Benefit from Physician Consultants?

Healthcare marketing is a bustling sector. In today’s highly competitive market, hospitals and small practices alike must vie for patients to remain operational, even for non-profit organizations that need a specific patient volume to stay afloat. Physician consultants play a crucial role in helping healthcare marketing firms expand healthcare entities daily.

What do healthcare marketing agencies offer?

Healthcare marketing firms collaborate with medical organizations to attract more patients or customers, including hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups, and medical product manufacturers.

Healthcare marketing involves:

  • Content creation: Developing texts, images, videos, or other media types to draw patients, even using platforms like TikTok.
  • Paid search: A strategy to propel businesses to the top of search engine rankings. Marketing firms pay individuals to identify popular search terms and link them to the promoted business via ads.
  • Branding: Establishing a recognizable brand identity is vital for healthcare entities unless they’re the only hospital/healthcare facility in town.

How is healthcare marketing evolving?

While the medical industry is known for its slow pace of change, healthcare marketing adapts quickly to stay current. A significant aspect of a marketing firm’s role is staying up-to-date with healthcare marketing trends.

Unsurprisingly, digital healthcare marketing is the leading trend. A significant development is the increased reliance on online reviews by patients. In the past, patients sought word-of-mouth recommendations, but now they turn to online searches. Some reports suggest that fewer than ten online reviews can influence a person’s decision to visit a specific doctor or not. Sometimes, even a single review can be decisive.

Another recent trend in healthcare marketing is using video content to engage patients. Videos are quick to produce, offer a personal touch, and are easier to create by doctors using their phone or tablet rather than writing an article about their practice.

What is the role of consultants?

Healthcare marketing job descriptions reveal the necessity of experienced physicians at some point in the process.

Primarily, healthcare marketing firms depend on physicians for insights into the industry. These insights help firms effectively promote healthcare organizations. 

Content creation is another area where consultants can contribute. A video featuring a real doctor discussing the benefits of a new medication or device will likely be more impactful than one featuring an actor.

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