Consulting Gigs for Physicians

Outside of patient care, a physician’s input, knowledge, expertise and skills are highly valuable to an endless amount of corporations. Today, we’re presenting 10 different types of consulting gigs for doctors: 

  1. Market research. Healthcare market research investigates new medical products or services and whether it is financially practical. The inventors of medical products and services need the assistance of doctors with conducting surveys and interview guides for patients.
  2. Early adopter. Companies need respected physicians to act as their champions to build buy-in for a future trend in medicine. As an early adopter you will use innovative products ahead of the curve, propelling uptake of new technologies, medical products, and devices.
  3. Due diligence. Healthcare mergers and acquisitions require due diligence in their business transactions. A doctor would be involved in assessing the medical aspects of such affairs.
  4. Content creation or review. This may include drafting or reviewing marketing materials for health care entities on social media and other platforms. This is a great gig for those who love to write creatively!
  5. Product testing. This role required doctors to test the latest healthcare related technologies, such as wearable health trackers or novel surgical equipment. The job requires utilizing the equipment and reporting back with your opinion and findings. 
  6. Product development. Product development projects allow physicians to be a part of the process of inventing or improving a company’s medical products and services. 
  7. FDA approval. Companies are always seeking to hire doctors to help get their products to market ASAP due to the grueling process of getting entities such as a drug, vaccine, or device FDA approved.
  8. Share physician insights. There are some companies who simply seek out the unique knowledge and reflections of a physician and their career and pay them to speak on it!
  9. Physician advisory work. A great gig for hospital based physicians is being an advisor to hospitals who hires physicians to ensure a seamless interaction between administrative, clinical, and support staff.
  10. Data analysis or research. Doctors who are looking for low-key work would enjoy getting paid for data entry or a literature review, as an example. 

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