Developing a Medical Screening Tool for Applicants to a Large Municipal Organization | MDconsultants

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Developing a medical screening tool for applicants to a large municipal organization


MDconsultants was approached by a large municipal organization to design a screening tool that appropriately identified applicants who did not meet provincially mandated medical standards for employment in a specific occupation.


Given a shortage of employees in the occupation of interest, the organization wished to design a tool that complied with provincial medical standards but was not overtly restrictive and did not screen out otherwise well qualified applicants. While the organization relied on a network of Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) to complete its medical examinations, it did not have the expertise to update its outdated screening tools in line with updated provincial medical standards for employment.

Value delivered


  • Assembled a team with expertise in Occupational Health and Medico-Legal consulting.
  • Developed a medical screening tool to help achieve the organizations recruitment objectives while complying with provincial medical standards for employment in the occupation in question.
  • Identified medico-legal risk associated with the screening tool.
  • Assisted with implementing the new screening tool by having a physician consultant with expertise in Occupational Health available “on-call” to the organization’s network of Independent Medical Examiners.