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Admissions Guarantee

Medical school admissions guarantee

Longitudinal package

Entering a career in healthcare is a long and complex journey, and it can help to have the right guidance from the start. Our longitudinal package pairs students in Grades 10/11/12 and Years 1/2 of their undergraduate degrees with 1-2 long-term medical student mentors. These consultants will meet pre medical students for regular appointments to shape their application, providing guidance on topics such as course selection, GPA maintenance, MCAT preparation, CASPer preparation, and selecting research and extracurricular activities. Students will also receive intensive help from 2-4 additional consultants during key phases of their application such as interview preparation. Select students may also be able to combine a longitudinal package with a medical school admission guarantee. To learn more, click here.

Interview and/or admission guarantee

A select number of students every year qualify for our guarantee packages. Students enrolled in these customized packages work with our most experienced consultants to perfect their medical school applications. Students in medical school admission guarantee packages will receive a refund if at least one interview or one offer of admission (depending on your package) is not received. We’re that confident in our services! To learn more, click here.