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International students

Securing admission for international students

It is our philosophy that international students interested in pursuing a North American medical degree stand the best chance of getting accepted into medical school if they also complete their undergraduate studies in North America. Specifically, we are convinced that pursuing an undergraduate degree in Canada followed by an MD and residency training in either Canada or the US will allow students to become physicians that can practice medicine almost anywhere in the world.

The advantages of pursuing undergraduate studies in Canada include not having to write the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), lower cost with a weaker Canadian dollar, more liberal admission requirements (compared to top tier US schools), and diverse multicultural populations in large Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver which allow international students to integrate seamlessly during their undergraduate years. In addition, students interested in immigrating to Canada have a greater chance of gaining Permanent Residency (PR) status and eventually residing in Canada with a Canadian degree.

Our international student packages are custom packages designed for students in Grades 10/11/12 (if back home) and Years 1/2 of their undergraduate degrees (if already in North America). Each student is assigned to at least 1-2 primary consultants over the duration of their undergraduate degree and at least 2-4 secondary consultants during important transition periods. International student packages also receive oversight by our Executive team. Students will meet with their primary consultant(s) for one hour each month to discuss topics such as undergraduate course selection and securing a summer research position. Students will also receive intensive help from 2-4 additional consultants during key phases of their application such as interview preparation. For more information and examples, click here.

A select number of international students every year qualify for our admission guarantee package. Students enrolled in these customized packages work with our most experienced consultants to perfect their applications. Students in guarantee packages will receive a 100% refund if at least one offer of admission is not received. We’re that confident in our services!