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Guidance for future applicants

This is intended for students in the 1st or 2nd year of their undergraduate program, and for high school students who are interested in pharmacy. While applicants to pharmacy range from 1st to 4th year students, successful applicants almost always plan their admission years in advance. Topics that we can discuss include “course selection to maximize your GPA,” “building your autobiographical sketch,” and “taking the PCAT.” We are also able to recommend research and volunteer opportunities to applicants seeking to distinguish themselves from their peers.

Comprehensive application planning

This is intended for undergraduate students who are applying to pharmacy during the current application cycle. Our aim here is to help relatively well-prepared applicants organize and polish their application. After discussing your background, we can identify themes that are likely to resonate with the admissions committee and suggest topics that could be addressed in your admissions profile. We can also offer advice on referee selection and recommend applying to a set of schools where you are most likely to gain admission.

Review of admissions profile

This is usually a two-step process, with Step 1 being a content review where we comment on the appropriateness of your subject matter, and Step 2 being a review of your grammar, style, vocabulary, and tone. To minimize costs, we recommend using us primarily as a “content review,” and utilizing free resources such as the Career Centre or Writing Centre at your institution to fine tune your grammar. We will however be happy to assist you with both steps if required.

Mock interviews

We offer assistance with the various interview formats that schools utilize in their selection processes, including the traditional interview and the MMI. Students who have received an interview invite from a given school can also request a consultant who has previously interviewed at that school. Students can also request different consultants for each “mock interview” they schedule so as to expose themselves to a variety of interviewing styles.