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Undergrad consulting

Applying to university

We assist high school students with picking undergraduate programs in Canada and the US, with the aim of securing admission into a healthcare professional program of their choice. Our consultants will work with you to create customized applications to universities that will allow you to pursue your interests and appropriately challenge yourself, yet keep you competitive for a future application to medical school or any other healthcare professional program.

Scholarship and financial award applications

With many universities in Canada and the US offering assurances of guaranteed access to financial support, there is no reason why full-time students should compromise their academic success with overly cumbersome work demands. Our consultants can direct you towards merit-based scholarships and need-based financial awards that you have a reasonable chance of obtaining. We can also provide detailed feedback on personal statements and annual budgets that must be submitted with your scholarship/ financial award application.

Guidance for future applicants

We work with 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students to choose an ideal combination of courses that will allow you to maximize your GPA, complete program/degree requirements, and meet any prerequisite demands for professional schools. We also mentor students who are unclear where their long-term interests lie, but who are forced by the constraints of university studies to pick a major.

Resume critique and mock interviews

Learn how to distinguish yourself from the crowd, and secure that first research or volunteer position. From research in the summer to volunteering at your local ED, we will show you the ropes as you seek to create foundational experiences that will be vital to any future endeavour in the healthcare field.