‘The Next 36’ Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative — Get Involved Today

Have you heard of the Next 36 program? The Next 36 is a national entrepreneurship program, led by non-profit charity NEXT Canada, that supports top student entrepreneurs from across the country as they build their high-impact startups. Every year, 36 young innovators are selected and challenged to build a new business venture or scale an existing idea of enormous potential. In this unique program, participants are provided with mentorship from top business leaders and school faculty and can pitch their ideas to receive funding from top investors.

We are excited to announce that our consultant and current University of Toronto medical student is currently involved in the Next 36 program with healthcare startup SanuSens. SanuSens aims to use biosensors and predictive analytics to revolutionize healthcare monitoring in the home setting.  The development team is currently testing a toothbrush-based saliva monitoring system that tracks health metrics, and your input is needed to help transform this idea into reality. As a potential product user, help SanuSens better understand how their solution could be better adapted to serve consumer needs through completing this short survey.

All information collected from the survey remains confidential, anonymous, and will not be redistributed or used for anything other than research purposes.

Interested in receiving additional information or updates regarding the results of the SanuSens project? Email [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the project leader.