Choose Your Own Adventure – Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine

During my first year of medical school I really did not know what specialty I would find myself 4 years later. Early on, I began to become more focused in family medicine, but also found my self-drawn toward dermatology and plastic surgery. During medical school, I was awarded the CFPC Medical Student Award for the University of Toronto and after numerous electives, and amazing mentors, I applied to CARMS, exclusively in family medicine. I loved the generalist approach, the ability to deal with a wide spectrum of health conditions, as well as the continuity of care. However, I still really enjoyed dermatology and skin procedures. How could I combine all 3 into my ideal practice? During residency I began to look for opportunities in dermatology and cosmetic medicine. I worked with nationally recognized experts, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, often during days off, vacation, and holidays. Following my CCFP exam, I completed a self-designed PGY3 year focused in primary care dermatology and office based surgical procedures. This training culminated in a position working at Concept Medical, a cosmetic medicine and medical skin clinic located in Ottawa. Recently, I have taken on more administrative and leadership roles in addition to managing patient care at our clinic. We treat a variety of cosmetic and medical skin concerns ranging from stretch marks and fine lines, to rosacea, acne, and skin cancer. Concept Medical is one of the largest providers of Botox in Ottawa and we were one of the first to launch Belkyra in Ottawa.

If you asked me if I would be practicing at a cosmetic clinic in Ottawa during my first few years of medical school, the answer would have been no. However, life opens interesting doors, and in medicine you really can choose your own adventure.



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