McMaster Health Sciences Program – Facebook Live Q&A

McMaster medical student and McMaster Health Sciences graduate, Rasika Singh, answered questions regarding the program, the application process, and how to stand out as an applicant! The following questions were answered during the Live video Question and Answer taping: Can you provide some advise on how to make yourself stand out as an applicant? What […]

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How to Appropriately Respond to the Ethical Station in Interviews

As medical school interviews are being sent out, many aspiring medical students are rushing to get in as much practice as they can. I remember that during this time, one of the toughest challenges to prepare for was the ethics station. Students may be faced with this type of question in multiple different ways: one […]

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The Unique Experience of an IMG in the CaRMS Process

Fellow IMGs! Completing medical school abroad adds many challenges that are unique to IMGs in the CaRMS process. Being able to navigate the challenges is half the battle. Here are a few key points that I, along with the help of many others, have learned along the way. Electives Electives applications begin early – often […]

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OzTREKK Educational Event

We visited and participated in the OzTREKK Educational event on January 27th 2019 at the Hilton Toronto. Our IMG consultant Juliana and operations manager Sonia answered questions and spoke with parents and students regarding how MD Consultants can assist them with their international medical studies. Attendees learned about their options after completing medical school overseas, […]

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McMaster University’s Bachelor of Health Sciences Program – What to Expect?

Disclaimer: The content expressed here is reflective of my own experiences, and opinions are of my own unless otherwise specified. The BHSc program has considerable notoriety for its presumed ability to send hopeful pre-meds easily into medical school. Unsurprisingly, this notoriety begins at an early age when prospective high school students are attracted to this […]

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Why You Should Be Involved In Research

If you’re the typical pre-med, you’ve probably read half a dozen articles on the importance of conducting research for your application to medical school. I’m only a first-year medical student, but I’m comfortable diagnosing most pre-meds with tunnel vision. We’re hyper-focused on clinching that much sought-after acceptance letter to the point where we lose sight […]

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What to Know When Selecting a Residency Program

After getting into medical school, most of us take a HUGE sigh of relief, feel like the worst is over, and figure we’ll begin opening the books and start studying again. Then comes residency selection, and another interview process. In Canada, this is done through a centralized, nationwide matching process called CaRMS (The Canadian Residency […]

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modern computer desk used for medical research

Measurement of research productivity – why is it important?

Involvement in research is a requirement in every stage of one’s a medical career, even if the pursuit of an academic career isn’t intended. As the medical school and residency application processes become more competitive over the years, understandably, “CV padding” with numerous research activities has become commonplace. Sometimes, it poses a challenge for the […]

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Professor teaching medical students at mcgill university

Medical School Spotlight: McGill Univeristy

I’ll try to give a gist of how my personal experience at McGill has been so far. Every student experience is different, however, and I encourage interested applicants to reach out to as many people in the Faculty and student body as possible! What is a typical week for a McGill medical student? McGill’s medical […]

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Professor teaching medical students at University of Toronto

Medical School Spotlight: University of Toronto

What is a typical week for a UofT medical student? The recent innovation of our Foundations Curriculum in our pre-clerkship years is more than just a catchy name revamp. Foundations takes a highly integrative approach, promoting our learning using selective eLearning resources to offer flexibility and supportive learning. Each week has a full day that […]

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