This blog by Dr. Jiayi Hu highlights why research productivity is important

Measurement of research productivity – why is it important?

Involvement in research is a requirement in every stage of one’s a medical career, even if the pursuit of an academic career isn’t intended. As the medical school and residency application processes become more competitive over the years, understandably, “CV padding” with numerous research activities has become commonplace. Sometimes, it poses a challenge for the […]

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Medical School Spotlight: McGill Univeristy

I’ll try to give a gist of how my personal experience at McGill has been so far. Every student experience is different, however, and I encourage interested applicants to reach out to as many people in the Faculty and student body as possible! What is a typical week for a McGill medical student? McGill’s medical […]

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Medical School Spotlight: University of Toronto

What is a typical week for a UofT medical student? The recent innovation of our Foundations Curriculum in our pre-clerkship years is more than just a catchy name revamp. Foundations takes a highly integrative approach, promoting our learning using selective eLearning resources to offer flexibility and supportive learning. Each week has a full day that […]

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Cultural safety: xenophobia within the same cultural group

An interesting experience I had with cultural safety was when I volunteered at medical camps in rural Pakistan at age sixteen. My parents had taken my brother and me back to Pakistan—a country that we belonged to but had never resonated with—to visit our extended family and “get in touch with our roots.” As part […]

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Medical School Spotlight: McMaster University

What is a typical week for a McMaster medical student? Monday morning consists of around three hours of lecture on the medical foundation we are studying. The afternoon could include a three hour small group tutorial, during which a group of seven or eight students will work through clinical cases and review any associated content […]

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Medical School Spotlight: University of Ottawa

What is a typical week for a Ottawa medical student? It varies between preclerkship (ie. first and second year), and clerkship (third and fourth year). In preclerkship, we would start classes (lectures, case-based small group learning, anatomy/histology/radiology/pathology in the laboratory) usually from 8:30-12:30pm, or sometimes 8:30-4:30pm once per week for the afternoon Physician Skills Development […]

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Medical School Spotlight: Schulich Medical School – Western University

What is a typical week for a Schulich medical student? Medical students have class throughout the morning on all weekdays. Once a week, we have Patient Centered Clinical Methods (PCCM) in the afternoon, where we work with Standardized Patients to simulate clinical scenario (ie. Physical exams, history taking, etc.). We also have Patient-Centered Context, Integration […]

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Matching to Canada for Residency as a US Medical Student

A popular question I am often asked is: “Were you considered a Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) when matching to Canada?” I am glad to tell you yes! If you are Canadian (citizen or permanent resident) and attended an LCME accredited medical school in the USA (i.e. the vast majority of schools in the continental USA) […]

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Industry Night at the University of Toronto

Our educational partners at the University of Toronto would like to extend an invitation to join their upcoming events for students and alumni. Industry Nights – mingle with alumni from industries you’re interested in joining; enjoy delicious refreshments while building your professional network. Wednesday, November 15th: Careers in Government, Public Policy, Not-for-Profit & Social Justice […]

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Emergency Doctor to Resus STAT

It is a quiet day in the Emergency Department, when I hear the overhead call, “Emergency Doctor to Resus, Emergency Doctor to Resus STAT”. These are the words that every new emergency physician loves and dreads to hear. Loves, because this is what we train for, and dreads because it means that someone is having […]

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