MDconsultants Partner Spotlight: Dr. Sameer Masood’s New Healthcare Innovations Developed to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Among the Healthcare Working Community

Dr. Sameer Masood is one of three Partners at MDconsultants and co-founded the company in 2009. An academic emergency physician by training, Dr. Sameer Masood’s interests include health technology integration into clinical care and quality improvement in emergency medicine. Sameer is also the CEO of Mednovation Health Technologies, a Canadian Health-technology start up that was founded in 2017.

Currently, Dr. Sameer Masood, is working on the frontlines as an emergency room physician at the University Health Network where he and his colleagues are in daily contact with patients who may or may not have COVID-19. With this in mind, Dr. Sameer Masood became a key contributor in the development of two new health-care innovations that are now being piloted by the University Health Network.

To read all about the virtual care system for the ER and a novel oxygen mask that filters out exhaled coronavirus particles, check out the University of Toronto’s article written by Rahul Kalvapalle titled “U of T physician builds virtual ER system, safer oxygen mask to protect front-line workers from COVID-19”