Digitally Integrating Care for Better Patient Outcomes

Canadians are experiencing a massive acute care bed shortage, consistently ranking near the bottom of beds per capita, pressuring hospitals to discharge patients quickly. While there are benefits to community-based care over acute care, the infrastructure must exist to accommodate this safely and effectively.

Outdated healthcare IT infrastructure makes coordinating care difficult, particularly during transitions of care. Critical information, often printed on paper and given to patients, never reach the community doctors, nurses, and allied health workers that now take over. This leads to frustration, things falling through the cracks, and duplicate work. Finding time to coordinate by traditional phone, faxes, and email is a challenge. Many resort to instant messaging, which is familiar and effective, but puts patient privacy at risk.

Hypercare fills that need with a mobile platform for healthcare communication and collaboration that is secure and compliant with healthcare privacy laws and standards. It is designed by clinicians for clinicians, always with value to patients and providers at the forefront.Numerous community healthcare organizations have successfully used Hypercare to manage patients in the community and keep them out of busy ERs and hospitals. It takes a concerted effort from doctors, nurses, social workers, and allied health workers to protect the most vulnerable and to keep them healthy. Creative use cases are being created regularly by front line providers, particularly from non-medical professionals. Social workers and jail workers coordinating plans for patients that frequently run up against the law, or using Hypercare to track homeless patients to intervene on their behalf directly on the street, or coordinating care on the fly between the ER and family doctors are just some of the great stories that have been produced by Hypercare users (and you can read more about them at

As healthcare becomes more complex, providers have to meet the challenge by thinking outside the box. Healthcare needs to happen where the patient is, whether it be in their home, in homeless shelters, or on the street. Hypercare has been proven to be up to the task of empowering clinicians in this new era of healthcare.
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