Should Pharmacists be Allowed to Prescribe Medications?

“NO”Raghu Venugopal and Sameer Masood – Toronto emergency room doctors In medicine we learn that “hoofbeats” are not always horses and sometimes they are “zebras.” Physicians consider not just the most common cause of a patient concern, but also the most serious illness possible. We develop a list of probable diagnoses based on the patient’s […]

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Pharmacy School Spotlight: Ferris State University

What is a typical week for a Ferris pharmacy student? Ferris State University is a unique pharmacy program that has a split campus. The first two years of classes are held in Big Rapids, Michigan. The curriculum covered in the first two years is mostly science based including biochemistry and drug action or medicinal chemistry. […]

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Applying to US Medical Schools with AMCAS

The US MD cycle starts a lot earlier and is rolling compared to Canadian schools! Pre-interview, applicants must complete a Primary Application and a Secondary/Secondaries. May 1st is when the AMCAS Application Portal opens. This means you can start filling out your Primary App – Personal Statement, Work/Activities, School Choices, Ordering Transcripts, MCAT Score Entering, […]

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Airline flight and how doctors interact with passengers during emergencies

Canadian doctors will now have guidelines for in-flight emergencies

Provided by Dani-Elle Dubé from Global News The number of airline passengers is increasing every year, which means the chances of witnessing or experiencing an in-flight emergency is becoming more likely – and when you’re at 36,000 feet in the air, who are passengers supposed to turn to for help? If you’re lucky, there will […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure – Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine

During my first year of medical school I really did not know what specialty I would find myself 4 years later. Early on, I began to become more focused in family medicine, but also found my self-drawn toward dermatology and plastic surgery. During medical school, I was awarded the CFPC Medical Student Award for the […]

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‘The Next 36’ Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative — Get Involved Today

Have you heard of the Next 36 program? The Next 36 is a national entrepreneurship program, led by non-profit charity NEXT Canada, that supports top student entrepreneurs from across the country as they build their high-impact startups. Every year, 36 young innovators are selected and challenged to build a new business venture or scale an existing […]

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ShareSmart featured in Canadian Health Network!

Given all the attention that’s paid to privacy breaches at a Canadian healthcare organizations, one would assume that there is a mad scramble to close all the holes. Nope. The amount of complacency on the part of clinicians and providers is simply staggering—particularly in the context of the mobile device compliance. In a report focusing […]

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3 Lessons Learned From Entrepreneurship. Dr. Joshua Liu delivers his keynote presentation.

“3 Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurship” Presentation

Earlier this summer, Dr. Joshua Liu delivered the keynote presentation at MD Consultants Annual Networking Event. The topic of the presentation was “3 Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurship.”

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Digital Clinical Photography-ShareSmart App

Digital clinical photography: another step towards the future

I want to use this opportunity to share with my medical colleagues “ShareSmart”, a digital clinical photography App that aims to facilitate communication and patient care among Canadian health care professionals. This App was devised by one of my mentors, Dr. Justin Yeung – a board certified plastic surgeon with both clinical and academic appointments […]

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How does technology improve patient care

How does technology improve patient care?

It’s quite impressive to think about how technology has impacted the way we deliver medicine. Not only have advancements improved our diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, it has changed the way information is collected, synthesized and delivered. Hospital administrators are harnessing this power to increase efficiency, optimize cost savings, and improve patient safety. Take for example, […]

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