The Unique Experience of an IMG in the CaRMS Process

Fellow IMGs! Completing medical school abroad adds many challenges that are unique to IMGs in the CaRMS process. Being able to navigate the challenges is half the battle. Here are a few key points that I, along with the help of many others, have learned along the way. Electives Electives applications begin early – often […]

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CaRMS Tips & Words of Wisdom

By now, you are probably prepping vigilantly for CaRMS interviews, maybe boarding a plane for interviews, and desperately hoping that your flight won’t be cancelled. I can definitely relate to all of this, as travelling in Canada (especially Eastern Canada where I come from) is challenging in the winter at the best of times. You […]

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What to Know When Selecting a Residency Program

After getting into medical school, most of us take a HUGE sigh of relief, feel like the worst is over, and figure we’ll begin opening the books and start studying again. Then comes residency selection, and another interview process. In Canada, this is done through a centralized, nationwide matching process called CaRMS (The Canadian Residency […]

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Doctor standing in hallway discussing CaRMS Matching

CaRMS Matching All Time Low

The first round of CaRMS 2018 residency matching for Canadian medical students have left many spots without a student to fill. There are currently a total of 228 spots available across multiple disciplines and universities. The rate of unmatched students have continued to increase over the past few years based on the CaRMS R-1 Match […]

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Matching to Canada for Residency as a US Medical Student

A popular question I am often asked is: “Were you considered a Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) when matching to Canada?” I am glad to tell you yes! If you are Canadian (citizen or permanent resident) and attended an LCME accredited medical school in the USA (i.e. the vast majority of schools in the continental USA) […]

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Mix and Match: A look at Canadian and U.S. Plastic Surgery Residency Programs

MD Consultants co-founder Dr. Jiayi Hu recently published a blog post in collaboration with Dr. Justin Yeung and his team in Calgary on the plastic surgery residency matching process in Canada and the US.  Dr. Yeung is the co-founder of ShareSmart (photo share and chat mobile application for Canadian healthcare professionals) and one of the […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure – Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine

During my first year of medical school I really did not know what specialty I would find myself 4 years later. Early on, I began to become more focused in family medicine, but also found my self-drawn toward dermatology and plastic surgery. During medical school, I was awarded the CFPC Medical Student Award for the […]

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Overcoming Language Barriers Through Patience and Communication

It has long been recognized that effective communication with patients is one of the basic skills that a physician must possess in order to deliver optimal healthcare. Despite its integration into the CanMEDS competencies and the medical school curriculum, this soft skill remains elusive and difficult to maintain – and understandably so. As we progress […]

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Free Interview Preparation Sessions for Applicants Affected by the Trump Ban

With immediate effect, MD Consultants will offer interview preparation assistance to medical school or residency applicants whose interviews in the US are affected by the #TrumpBan.  This offer will remain in effect for the duration of the 90 day ban, or until further notice as we wait for the ban to be lifted. To qualify, […]

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How to pursue research during residency

Pursuing research during residency

  Research is an integral part of training in medicine and in the last 10 years, it has become a core competency in most residency programs. While intuitively we think of research as large randomized controlled trials (RCTs), like the use of aspirin for heart attacks, the majority of research in medicine isn’t done quite […]

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