Should Pharmacists be Allowed to Prescribe Medications?

“NO”Raghu Venugopal and Sameer Masood – Toronto emergency room doctors In medicine we learn that “hoofbeats” are not always horses and sometimes they are “zebras.” Physicians consider not just the most common cause of a patient concern, but also the most serious illness possible. We develop a list of probable diagnoses based on the patient’s […]

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How To Be A Stand Out Pharmacy School Applicant

Every pharmacy school will have its own set of unique requirements they want applicants to have such as prerequisites, letters of recommendation, minimum PCAT score, and minimum GPA. While you may have achieved all of these requirements it is likely that several other applicants have as well. So what can you do to be a […]

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Pharmacy School Spotlight: Ferris State University

What is a typical week for a Ferris pharmacy student? Ferris State University is a unique pharmacy program that has a split campus. The first two years of classes are held in Big Rapids, Michigan. The curriculum covered in the first two years is mostly science based including biochemistry and drug action or medicinal chemistry. […]

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