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Liability & protection for physicians

Grant Writing for Early Career Physicians

Grant writing is a skill that can be improved with training and endurance building. It is an important exercise commonly practiced among academic physicians which help establish and maintain their credibility and status. Aside from attaining accomplishments and promotion, funding provides the opportunity and autonomy to practice independence in developing and validating ones’ ideas.          […]

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Comparison Between 5 Different Social Media Platforms for Physicians

Most social media users would agree that the top 5 social media platforms are: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. If you are a physician who is considering a social media presence, read on about the 5 most popular platforms and how you can utilize them to accelerate your career: Arguably the most popular platform, […]

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Real Estate Investment for Physicians

Originally posted on listen to the blog in audio format! Most people assume owning rental income property is the only option when it comes to investing in real estate. There is however an array of options available to individual investors who want to passively invest in real estate. What are some of these options? […]

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How to use your RRSP or TFSA to Invest in Real Estate

Originally posted on listen to the blog in audio format! Not many people know that you can use your RRSP or TFSA accounts to also invest in real estate. Yes, believe it or not, mutual funds and stocks are not the only investments that are RRSP eligible! And no, I am not talking about […]

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How Pharmaceutical Companies Benefit from Physician Consultants

Listen to the blog in audio format! Pharmaceutical startups are working hard at changing the story surrounding chronic diseases, and they’re looking for physicians’ inputs and expertise to help them. Unfortunately, chronic diseases affect a huge percentage of the population and some of the treatments offered are ineffective, have terrible side effects, or no treatment […]

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Disability Insurance for Physicians

Listen to the blog in audio format! Becoming a physician requires a tremendous amount of time of effort invested in their education and patient care. Once disabled, often we do not have the option to pursue a second career to fulfill our financial obligations and protect our income. It is crucial for every physician, including […]

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Setting up a Medical Practice Part 1: Types of Practice

Many of you are probably thinking about setting up your own practice, whether it is group practice, Associations and Partnerships, solo or private practice, hospital-based employment, or locums. We are outlining the various types of practices in today’s blog. Group Practice Two or more physicians with the same or different specialties providing medical care in […]

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Employment Contract Review for Physicians

Receiving your first offer as a physician after years of schooling and training will probably be one of the most exciting moments in your career! As a fully trained physician, you now have the opportunity to choose your next work environment and position – and with that comes bargaining power.  In today’s blog, we’re guiding […]

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Medical Liability for Physicians

Medical Liability Protection for Physicians

Malpractice suits are an inevitable component of the healthcare system. As a physician, there may come a time in your career in which you are exposed to a malpractice suit. It is critical to protect yourself from medical liabilities by being aware of the process and how to handle it: Make sure you have Malpractice […]

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Women on iPad Banner: 5 social media tips for physicians

5 Social Media Tips for Physicians

As a physician, have you ever thought to utilize social media as a means to accelerate your career? Social media is a great tool for educating the population, collaborating with colleagues, and advocating for topics you are passionate about.  Here is a list of how to create your online presence as a physician as well […]

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