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Physicians Advice and Top Tips for New Grads Part 2

Make sure to catch up on Part 1 before dividing into Part 2: Productivity Tips from Experienced Physicians Veteran doctors from specialties like General Practice, Psychiatry, and Internal Medicine shared productivity insights. These have been listed below, although the specifics were not provided in the text. Guidelines for Budding Medical Practitioners The guidance provided here […]

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Physicians Advice and Top Tips for New Grads Part 1

Transitioning from residency to independent practice presents various challenges, from handling increased paperwork and patient volume to managing heightened responsibilities. New doctors with 1-5 years of experience shed light on these challenges: Biggest Challenges for New Doctors: Managing time both in and out of the clinic is paramount, especially with the constraints of short appointment […]

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Employment Contract Review for Physicians

Receiving your first offer as a physician after years of schooling and training will probably be one of the most exciting moments in your career! As a fully trained physician, you now have the opportunity to choose your next work environment and position – and with that comes bargaining power.  In today’s blog, we’re guiding […]

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Medical Liability for Physicians

Medical Liability Protection for Physicians

Malpractice suits are an inevitable component of the healthcare system. As a physician, there may come a time in your career in which you are exposed to a malpractice suit. It is critical to protect yourself from medical liabilities by being aware of the process and how to handle it: Make sure you have Malpractice […]

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Women on iPad Banner: 5 social media tips for physicians

5 Social Media Tips for Physicians

As a physician, have you ever thought to utilize social media as a means to accelerate your career? Social media is a great tool for educating the population, collaborating with colleagues, and advocating for topics you are passionate about.  Here is a list of how to create your online presence as a physician as well […]

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Guidelines for Foreign Trained Doctors Seeking Practice in Canada: Part 3

Make sure to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 before diving into the third and final Part! Moving to Canada as a doctor is a complex process that requires time, preparation, and sometimes professional assistance. Here’s a simplified overview: Registration Takes Time and Resources: Achieving licensure to practice medicine in Canada is not an […]

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Guidelines for Foreign Trained Doctors Seeking Practice in Canada: Part 2

Make sure to catch up on Part 1 before diving into Part 2! Considering relocating to Canada as a physician? There’s much to gain, including competitive salaries for certain specializations, gorgeous landscapes, clean urban environments, and a rewarding work life. Here are important steps and considerations for U.S doctors planning to migrate to Canada: Apply […]

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Guidelines for Foreign Trained Doctors Seeking Practice in Canada: Part 1

As an international doctor aspiring to make Canada your permanent home, establishing your own medical practice could be on your horizon. While it’s important to remember that the paperwork and licensing procedures required for international doctors to be licensed in Canada can be time-consuming, once you’ve acquired your Canadian medical qualification, there’s no barrier to […]

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Setting up a Medical Practice Part 6: Getting Commercial Insurance

A comprehensive insurance plan is crucial for your medical practice, but over-insurance isn’t necessary. The key is to comprehend the array of insurance types available, and then determine which ones align with your specific practice requirements and personal choices. Medical Liability Insurance: Mandatory for all physicians in Canada, offering professional liability protection and medical-legal advice. […]

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Pros and Cons Working as a Locum Physician

Advantages of becoming a locum doctor: Opportunity for domestic and international travel Locum tenens positions are accessible throughout Canada and various global locations, such as Australia, China, the UK, and the Caribbean. Be prepared for paperwork when leaving the province, and additional administrative tasks for international locum roles. Control over your workload As a locum, […]

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