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A Career in Biotechnology

1. What career path did you take to get to where you are now? I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A with a Bachelor degree in chemical engineering specializing in biotechnology. During my undergraduate study, I had a valuable research experience in the area of microfluidics under the supervision of Dr. Hang Lu, a […]

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Industry Night at the University of Toronto

Our educational partners at the University of Toronto would like to extend an invitation to join their upcoming events for students and alumni. Industry Nights – mingle with alumni from industries you’re interested in joining; enjoy delicious refreshments while building your professional network. Wednesday, November 15th: Careers in Government, Public Policy, Not-for-Profit & Social Justice […]

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How the University of Toronto Community Impacted Our Medical Careers

Three U of T alumni, Jiayi Hu, Manveen Puri and Sameer Masood (A&S ’09, MD 2013) will be sharing with the U of T alumni office the stories about their time at U of T, medical careers and ties to the U of T community. They will also discuss how alumni can give back and […]

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A Career in Bioengineering

What career path did you take to get to where you are now? I graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelors degree in Molecular Genetics. I then completed my PhD in Bioengineering from the California Institute of Technology, working with Professor Frances Arnold, who pioneered directed evolution. My PhD work focused on engineering […]

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A Career in Genetics

What career path did you take to get to where you are now? I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor degree specializing in genetics and biotechnology. From there, I attended a graduate school in the States for genetic counselling, which combined my undergraduate knowledge with psychosocial counselling skills. I’ve been practicing […]

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Emergency Doctor to Resus STAT

It is a quiet day in the Emergency Department, when I hear the overhead call, “Emergency Doctor to Resus, Emergency Doctor to Resus STAT”. These are the words that every new emergency physician loves and dreads to hear. Loves, because this is what we train for, and dreads because it means that someone is having […]

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Why Physicians Need to Innovate

Current medical training focuses on the acquisition and application of existing knowledge. Medical students and physicians in training are assessed against rigorous standards that emphasize mastering a certain set of skills or demonstrating a high level of content expertise. Physicians in training have been taught about the 10 causes of ST-elevation on an ECG, and […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure – Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine

During my first year of medical school I really did not know what specialty I would find myself 4 years later. Early on, I began to become more focused in family medicine, but also found my self-drawn toward dermatology and plastic surgery. During medical school, I was awarded the CFPC Medical Student Award for the […]

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The Next 36 : Canada's Entrepreneurial Leadership initiative banner

‘The Next 36’ Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative — Get Involved Today

Have you heard of the Next 36 program? The Next 36 is a national entrepreneurship program, led by non-profit charity NEXT Canada, that supports top student entrepreneurs from across the country as they build their high-impact startups. Every year, 36 young innovators are selected and challenged to build a new business venture or scale an existing […]

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3 tips for more effective communication

Overcoming Language Barriers Through Patience and Communication

It has long been recognized that effective communication with patients is one of the basic skills that a physician must possess in order to deliver optimal healthcare. Despite its integration into the CanMEDS competencies and the medical school curriculum, this soft skill remains elusive and difficult to maintain – and understandably so. As we progress […]

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